Display is not changing after GUIX event. Hello World GUIX example with new display and touchscreen

Hi Renesas Team,

at the moment I´m working with the SK-S7G2 Eval Board. The task is to implement a new display with touchscreen to the SK-S7G2 Board.

Therefore I have already implemeted a new driver for the GOODIX GT911 touchdriver the display is using. Although I have conneted the display.

After that I have tried to implement the GUIX Hello World example. Therefore I have changed the configuration for the new touchdriver and display.

As well I have changed, with the GUIX Studio, the example to match the correct display size.


But now I´m facing the following problems:

When I run the GUIX Hello World example (in debug) the example runs and initializes the display + touch.  Window1 as in the image above is displayed.

If I now touch the display (for example the "Press Me!"), the payload_get event is called once. The GT911 driver is reading out the touch points correctly to:

/* Process the raw data for the touch point(s) into useful data */
p_payload->x = extract_x(touch[0]);
p_payload->y = extract_y(touch[0]);

After that the UINT window1_handler(GX_WINDOW *widget, GX_EVENT *event_ptr) is getting called once.

Where as well the x and y values are stored in the event_ptr

But on the display nothing is happening. So I can not check or unckeck the buttonenabler for example.

Altough the matching case of the switch case is called.

The problem is that I cannot debug the UINT result = gx_window_event_process(widget, event_ptr); function.

Am I mising something?

What I have already done at the monent is, run the Hello World example on the display which comes with the SK-S7G2. There the exmaple is running smoth.
What i have noticed there is that the payload_get function is called more than two times and as well the UINT window1_handler(GX_WINDOW *widget, GX_EVENT *event_ptr)  is called two times


Am I mising something? I hope you can help me.


Thany you in advance!

Greetings Timo


  • It sounds to me like the touch driver is the problem. Which touch events are you receiving from the touch driver, and which events are you passing into GUIX?
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Hi Jeremy,

    thanks for your answer.
    I think your are right. Since I wrote my first message here, I have investigated a little bit more in that topic.
    The problem is that the GT911 touchdriver can´t detect if it is a Touch down, up, move, or hold event.
    So i have to detect that for myself inside my written touchdriver.

    Can you tell if there is a defined sequence in which the touch events have to be passed into GUIX?

    Like first it have to be passed touch down and than touch up and only if the GUIX receives the events in that row it will work?

  • In reply to Timo:

    I would expect you would need at least pen-down and pen-up events from the touch controller to be sent to GUIX, but I cannot find it detailed anywhere in the GUIX documentation.