HTTP client Server data send and receive


I have gone thru the HTTP client and HTTP server sample code available on the website.

In my application,

1. I want to send the data from client to server.

2. Server will analyze the data received from client.

3. Based on the query of client, server will send the data to client

The data here will be in the form of array.

My server and client are 2 boards of SK-S7G2.

Pls give some sample code which can illustrate to construct my application described above.

  • Hi Reinemb-
    Which examples have you looked at?

  • In reply to WarrenM:

    Hi Warren,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I am not much familiar with HTTP client server application.

    I have some basic queries

    Client side:
    1. Do I need to send it in HTML format only?
    2. How can I send it in plain text or some other format like JSON? -- a set of example will help.

    Server side:
    1. I analyzed server code and found that with any receiver query, code goes to callback function.
    in the code it analyze the resource with the "index.html" and accordingly send the page data.
    In my case, based on client query, I want to send a array data. Do I need to send it in HTMF format only? what if I want to send it in JSON?
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    The following modules guides detailing the use of the HTTP server and HTTP client with examples should hopefully be of help to you.