Loaded SSP 1.6.3 project build errors now

I have a project building with SSP 1.6.0. I exported it to a zip archive file. I then installed SSP 1.6.3. I then renamed imported the project. I left it at SSP 1.6.0 build I am getting build errors. They move every time I build and are not obvious as the message does not help at all. I am starting to think the issue is more to do with the export/import and not with 1.6.3 being installed (in the same e2stuidio folder as 1.6.0).

This is typical message I see but the file it complains about changes when I build again.


  • Hi RPM-
    Are you still having this issue? Which export option did you use?

    When you say you left it at SSP 1.6.0 do you mean you didn't elect to move it to 1.6.3 when asked in the pop-up window?

  • Hi RPM,

    Have you tried removing following folders first (before generating content and building the project):
    * src/synergy_gen
    * synergy
    * synergy_cfg
    * Debug
    * Release

  • In reply to Renesas Karol:

    The build issue after import only occurs using E2Studio 7.3 with SSP 1.6. I tested again on E2 6.2 with SSP 1.5 and the process works. I select the project I want to export then I use "export Synergy project" , keep all the defaults and save in zip format. To import I use "Rename & Import Existing C/C++ Project into Workspace", name the new project and select the archived zip file. When I build I get the errors above, with each subsequent build the error moves to another file.
  • In reply to RPM:

    I notice that you are using the IAR toolchain in e2studio. Have you updated the IAR Synergy plugin to the latest version :-


  • In reply to Jeremy:

    From,the image you posted, there seems to be a source file with a hardcoded path :-

    Do you have many files with a hardcoded path in your project? Do these files still exist at the hardcode location?

  • In reply to Jeremy:

    I upgraded all the software and this did not fix issue. We do not have any hard coded paths. But we do use virtual links to common code.  I noticed after import the virtual links paths are missing the Workspace directory. They start one level lower.


    After I delete the virtual links and recreate them (Import, file system) then they are correct and the project builds. This is not the behavior seen on previous E2 studio 6.x.

    So not sure this is an issue with the tools or that we should as good practice always recreate the virtual code links.

  • In reply to RPM:

    Looks to me like the project that has been re-imported is at a different depth in the directory structure from the original, hence the issue you are seeing.
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Yes the common code virtual links are at a different depth, BUT why? I see no way to change that in the import options and in past E2 Studios I did not have this issue.