jtag pin as gpio


I am fairly new to this controller and i am using PE-HMI1 board of renesas.

I am trying to configure JTAG pins as GPIO's which i am not able to.

Can anybody help me with this issue as to what i am doing wrong.

  • Hi Kap!

    The only way the forum can help you figure out what you're doing wrong is if you tell us what you've tried. How far along have you gotten? Snippets of code, actual versus expected behaviour, etc. There is such a thing as too much information, but we will need quite a bit more than what you've given us if we're to help out. Thanks!


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  • In reply to jbishop:

    I want to use a debug peripheral pins as a GPIO.

    I have a PE-HMI1 v2 board and I tried to use a pin all four pins as a GPIO but only two pins are not working as a GPIO (P108 and P300).

    Another two pins are not working as a GPIO(P109 and P110).

    My question is If two pins of JTAG are working as a GPIO then why pins P109  and P110 are working as a GPIO.

    I disabled the debug pins in pin configuration.

    And all pins are configured as OUTPUT.

    e2 studio -  5.4

    ssp         - 1.1.3

    This is my configuration

    Thank you.

  • In reply to kap:

    Please try power cycling the board after programming, and after disconnecting the debugger.