GDB action 'read memory', has failed with error code, 0xffffffff

 Hi , i am using a PK-S5D9 board , i imported a sample project .This is the sample project "an-r11an0300eu0100-synergy-mqtt-tls-cloud-connectivity" with an attached zip filed named MQTT_TLS_AP_PK_S5D9. After importing ,i proceed to build and debug the sample project and there were no error initially, after it ran for about 8-10 seconds , the program suddenly stop and "GDB action 'read memory', has failed with error code, 0xffffffff" appeared. Anyone facing the same issues ? i am using e2 studio v7.1 , ssp 1.4  toolchain version

    It looks like you might be using the wrong version of e2 studio. Please check which version is used for SSP 1.4.0 (I believe it should be 6.2.0) and reinstall if needed.

    Let us know if the issue persists with the correct version of e2 studio.

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    Hi Warren ,

    Thanks for getting back to me , i have reinstall a fresh version of e2Studio 6.2.0 with ssp version 1.4 , however this time "BSP_CFG_HANDLE_UNRECOVERABLE_ERROR (0);" appeared under the console_thread.c . It seems like it was a similar issue to the one above as . Any advice , on why it is facing such a timeout issue?

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    Hi Qw-
    This error can occur, sometimes, when the installation wasn't completed. Have you tried running a simple project, like Blinky, to make sure the toolchain is installed correctly.

    In particular, check to see that the GNU compiler was selected correctly during the Blinky build...

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    Hi Warren , i am able to run the blinky project using the same configuration.
    e2 studio version : 6.2
    ssp 1.4
    Board: S5D9 PK
    Device: R7FS5D97E3A01CFC
    Toolchain: GCC ARM Embedded
    Toolchain Version: (GNU compiler)
  • Hi Qw,

    I created a new support ticket for you. Your ticket number is 194446.
    Our engineer will get back to you soon.

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator
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    The application note "r11an0337eu0100" probably uses the USB CDC ACM to provide a COM port, and there is a 10 seconds timeout on that, so if there is an error in the host PC enumerating the USB CDC ACM COM port, the Synegery program will stop after ten seconds. Which version of winodws are you using (7,8 or 10)? On Windows version 7 and 8, a driver will need to be installed to make the USB CDC ACM com port work.

    You do have 2 USB cable connected between the Synergy board and the PC? One is for the JLink-OB connection, the other is for the USB CDC ACM COM port.
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    yes exactly like what you mentioned a 10 seconds timeout , i have 2 USB connected and i am using Windows 10.
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    It sounds like there is no suitable driver for the USB CDC ACM and it is not enumerating. Try changing the USB ports round the cables are plugged into.

    A signed Windows CDC driver and instruction how to install it are available at the link below. Please try this.


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    Hi Ian ,
    yet to give this a try , will try out what you suggested asap. Thanks
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    Hi ian , your suggestion work ! Thank you!