Error FileX - USBX Host updating to SSP 1.5.3 and e2 studio v7.2.0


I have updated my work environment to the new versions of E2Studio V7.2.0 and my project with the new SSP 1.5.3.

Previously I worked with E2Studio V6.3.0 and the project with SSP 1.5.2.

In one of my threads I have a module FileX in USB Mass Storage, with a USBX Host Class Mass Storage module.

With the new versions, the USBX Host Class Mass Storage module appears in red in the configuration, with the following error:

Error: Express Logic source and default pre-built library should not be combined in the stack configuration.

When I compile and link does not give me any error.

Can someone tell me what I should do to make the configuration error disappear?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,

    From the SSP 1.5.3 release notes:

    Issue ID: 13185
    Earlier, when a USBX Host or Device application is built with a combination of ThreadX source and the default
    prebuilt USBX library, no warning message was shown.
    Now, if a combination of ThreadX src and the default prebuilt USBX library are added in XML, USB stack will show a
    warning message.
    Applies to: All MCUs

    I have just tested this and the message is shown if you have ThreadX source added to the project but USB CDC-ACM is added as a just a library. Add USB CDC-ACM source and USBX source to remove this error (or remove ThreadX source).


  • In reply to Ian:

    Thanks for your help.

    I read that application note but I did not understand it well. I add USB CDC-ACM source and USBX source, because I can not remove ThreadsX source, and the error disappear.