S5D9 supported QSPI data flash

Hi! Is there a list of advised QSPI flash memory for Synergy S5D9?

Thank you :)

  • Hi Paul,

    I created a new ticket for you, your ticket number is #190937. Our engineer will get back to you soon.

  • In reply to Jennifer Zou:

    Here is the answer:
    On PK-S5D9, QSPI flash W25Q64JVSSIQ is used. Correspondingly, QSPI related bsp files (bsp_qspi.c, bsp_qspi.h) of PK-S5D9 project can be used when you use your custom board.

    On the other hand, if other QSPI type flash is used, you should refer QSPI flash manual to create the custom QSPI BSP file for your QSPI flash in your project.