LCD Screen Flips(Mirror) in Run time

Hi, all I am using an S5D9 controller and 3.5" and 320x480 pixel LCD . For some unit, I am facing problem screen flipping as per below.

Setting for LCD driver. I am using SSP version 1.4.0


  • Hi Jayesh,

    I created a ticket for you, your ticket number is #190935. Our engineer will get back to you soon.

    Renesas Synergy Forum Moderator
  • In reply to Jennifer Zou:

    Here is the answer:
    We suggest you revise the RAM access mode for his LCD module.

    If you use the PK-S5D9's LCD (ILI9341) and the Module guide project (an-r12an0021eu0115-synergy-sk-s7g2-pk-s5d9-guix-hello-world), and revised "lcd_write(ILI9341_MAC, "\x48", 1) " in GUIApp/src/hardware/lcd_setup.c from "\x48" to "\x08",

    then the LCD screen is display mirrored.