SSD1963 Display Controller Board to do Screen Orientation Rotation on S7G2


I need to interface our S7G2 MCU with a display controller board (NHD-5.0-800480TF-20) to do orientation rotation from landscape to portrait. The LCD being used is NHD-5.0-800480TF-AXTL-#CTP that is in landscape orientation by default.

Our current implementation does a 270 degrees rotation using GuiX settings (in e2studio configuration file), that causes significant lag and huge drawback in terms of cpu usage and screen responsiveness.

The aforementioned controller board uses SSD1963 display controller, and has a 8-bit parallel data bus to input pixel data. I need to know what to change in GuiX / e2studio configuration to address the required color format. Also any sample code / guide to help interfacing with a display controller board would be very helpful and appreciated.


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  • Here's some additional info on where we are regarding this issue:

    [R7FS7G27H2A01CBD MCU, e2studio, SSP 1.1.3]

    We are using a 5.0 inch 800*480 NewHaven screen (model# NHD-5.0-800480TF-AXTL-#CTP) for a handheld control unit that is used to control our devices. The LCD we use is in landscape mode by default. In our current design, we are using g_sf_el_gx configuration to do 270 degree rotation. The problem is that this takes more than 60% of our CPU time, and causes a significant delay on touch events' visual feed backs (like button highlighting on touch).

    We have 5 different windows in our GuiX design, and several buttons on each window that can be clicked to move different parts of our device, and on user click / hold of those buttons, we update the device schematic view shown on the screen based on the its new position. We also show a text prompt to notify the user of the current movement and any alerts.

    The above needs continuous redraw of the window to have the most updated device configuration / text message on the screen. This turns out to be a very expensive task in terms of cpu resources as the 270 degrees rotation takes place at every widget redraw.

    One remedy for this issue would be to use a display controller board to do the hardware level rotation. The NewHaven NHD-5.0-800480TF-20 display controller board is what we are considering. It uses the SSD1963 controller to do the rotation.

    The controller board has a different interface than the screen as seen in the attached datasheet: it takes in a parallel 8 bit color info in its data bus, and outputs the rotated pixel / clock info to the screen.

    I would like to know what configuration and code changes in GuiX / g_sf_el_gx / etc would make this happen. The current configuration on g_display driver is as follows:

    Input - Graphics screen1 input format: 32bits RGB888
    output format: 24bits RGB888

    Please let me know if more information is needed.
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    Do you still have this issue? If yes, I am going to close this this thread.

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    Hi, i have nearly the same problem is there any examples for this configuration? Is this a good solution with this chip or is there a better solution?

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