Issues after Update to IAR 8.23 and BSP 1.5.0

Today I tried to update my IDE from IAR 8.21 to 8.23 and the BSP from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0. After the update I got two issues compiling an existing project.

1. I got the error message "Invalid compiler" on every file. The list of accepted compilers in the error message only reached to iccarm 8.21.xx but the iccarm installed with the update has version  V8.22.2.15995/W32. Removing IAR 8.23 and reinstalling IAR 8.21 fixed this issue.

2. After downgrade to IAR 8.21 the linker didn't find the function HW_IOPORT_PinWrite called in r_ioport.c. Indeed there are a lot of inline-declarations for a lot of I/O-functions in hw_ioport_private.h but the definition of HW_IOPORT_PinWrite was removed in BSP 1.5.0. Going back to BSP 1.4.0 solved this issue.

Now I'm on the state before the updates and am able to continue the work on my project.

  • For point 1), did you also update the version of the SSC to 6.2.1.R20180629?
  • In reply to Jeremy:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I installed SCC 6.2.1 now, then installed IAR 8.23 as update on Windows7 / 64Bit.
    Now I can neither create a new Renesas-project nor open a recent one because the IDE now completely crashes when open or create a project. I hope I again will be able to continue my work after return to IAR 8.21.

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    Cool! After complete remove of all IAR-components and reinstalling the IAR 8.21 this version now also crashes when open or create a project.
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    Last update: I "fixed" it:

    - uninstalled SSC 6.2.1
    - uninstalled IAR 8.23
    - uninstalled Library Sources 8.23
    - restarted PC
    - removed installation directories in program directory
    - installed IAR 8.21
    - installed SSC 6.2.0
    - set BSP in SCC back to 1.4.0 and let generate sources

    ... and now I can continue the work on my projects.