I've migrate a firmware project from SSP 1.4.0 to SSP 1.5.0 (IAR 8.23.1). This project redefine TIMER_TICK_PER_SECOND (into SCC ->ThreadX Source).

When I try to compile it, I got follow warning:

Warning[Pa181]: incompatible redefinition of macro "TX_TIMER_TICKS_PER_SECOND"


It seems this same error was in SSP 1.2.0 (see old discussion https://renesasrulz.com/synergy/f/synergy---forum/8098/timer_tick_per_second-redefined/27485#27485). It seems that a change in file ..\synergy\ssp\inc\framework\el\cm4_iar\tx_port.h causes this warning.

TX_TIMER_TICKS_PER_SECOND default definition has moved in from of tx_user.h include, which seems to cause this conflict.



¿Is there any reason for this change on tx_port.h, or it’s just an error?