USBX Host Class Mass Storage in Synergy S3 UX_MEMORY_INSUFFICIENT


I have successfully opened and executed the example program USBX Host Class Mass Storage with the Module Guide R11AN0173EU0101.

I have successfully executed this program in a S5D9 PK with the SSP 1.4.0 and it works well.

Now I'm trying to do the same on a proprietary electronic board with the micro Synergy S3 R7FS3A6783A01CFM.

I create the thread and add the FileX module in USB Mass Storage correctly. As it is an S3 I can only use USB Controller Selection USBFS.

I configure all the modules in a manner as similar as possible to the project with the S5D9, except that the memory of USBX Pool Memory Size can only be a maximum of 17000, since if I put more it does not compile me because it does not enter RAM.

The problem is that in execution, in the "void ux_host_init0 (void)" function within the common_data.c source, the / ** Register to USB host controller. * /
     UINT status_g_ux_host_0 = ux_host_stack_hcd_register ((UCHAR *) "g_sf_el_ux_hcd_fs_0", g_sf_el_ux_hcd_fs_0_initialize, R_USBFS_BASE, UX_SYNERGY_CONTROLLER); returns error 0x12: UX_MEMORY_INSUFFICIENT.

How should I do the configuration to be able to work with the USB and be able to read and write files on a pendrive?

Thank in advance.