how i can implement touch in particular position and  particular box on display?  

  • Hi niku,

    You can simulate screen presses by sending GX_EVENT_PEN_DOWN followed by GX_EVENT_PEN_UP with the same co-ordinates. Here's a snippet of the demo code that's pressing 3 buttons in sequence in GUIX Weather Panel demo on SK-S7:


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    how i can create custom widget and implement touch function i refer x-ware pdf but i could not understood this thing can you give me example code if you have for as reference?
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    Hi Niku-
    Have you read over and tried out the GUIX Application Projects?

    The Advanced GUIX one is useful after you have done one of the Hello World examples to get started. If you understand what is covered in these application examples and application notes the GUIX material available in the X-Ware docs zip file should be easier to digest: