USB FS Host Error

 I'm trying to implement USB FS port.  When I call

UINT status_g_ux_host_0 = ux_host_stack_hcd_register ((UCHAR *) "g_sf_el_ux_hcd_fs_0",
                                                          g_sf_el_ux_hcd_fs_0_initialize, R_USBFS_BASE,

I get a UX_EVENT_ERROR  (18)

What am I doing wrong?

  • Hi Doug-
    Can you attach a screen capture of your thread stack? Looks like it might not be configured correctly.

    You can also check out these module guides to see if you are setting things up correctly.

  • In reply to Doug:

    Hi Doug-

    How did you add the stack? For a Host Class Mass Storage I select New Stack>  X-ware> USBX> Host> Class> Mass Storage>  USBX Host Class Mass Storage. Are you doing something similar? (My example is from SSP 1.5.0).




  • In reply to WarrenM:

    Hi Warren,
    I added the USBX Host Configuration as follows
    New Stack->X-Ware->USBX->Host->Common->USB Host Configuration

    I'm not using one of the higher level host stacks. I'm attempting to write a driver for a custom device. I was hoping to use the USBX Host Configuration as the basi for the custom driver.

  • In reply to Doug:

    Found the problem. The default USBX Pool Memory Size is 18K. I increased it to 65K and now it works.