How to handle RAM Parity Error with E2 studio.

I am using S7G2 SSP for my development. When I using sprintf function that time e2studio throwing RAM Parity Error.

  • Hi May.savaj-
    You shouldn't be getting a RAM parity error unless you have a bad MCU (unlikely) or perhaps the program is jumping to a wrong location in memory (stack corruption). Anyway, more information would be useful to help identify the issue...

  • Hi WarrenM,

    Can you help me to find out why i am getting RAM Parity error and MPU stack error in e2studio?

    Now, this error are common in my development cycle.

    Mayur Savaj

  • In reply to May.savaj:

    Hello Mayur,

    How big is the stack of the thread calling sprintf? What is the original SSP version of the project you're working on?

  • Hi,

    I have allocated stack of thread is 2048. I am using SSP V1.2.0.