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How i can write text on display through coding in s7g2 board ?

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  • okay.
    Tell me one thing.....
    if i want to write text or any character on display okay.
    so which guix function i can use gx_canvas, gx_propmpt,gx_pixel,or etc....???.
    These are all things i am confused which one i take... i can't understand ..

    And one more thing is i made one program grid line in that i was used gx_canvas _pixel_draw function and this program working is good and showing on display girdline.
    but now in that program i want to mention some text in particular position in my gridline line project so i put gx_canvas _text_draw() function oky. but it is not show any text on display..

    so these are the scenario Which I say to you i hope you understand my problem..
    please guide me what should i do?