Reset vector remapping (startup code)in S5D5 series .

1.How can i use/change configuration setting command for s5D5 series in E2studio.?

2.what access window area, how to use AWS register?

  • 1) To move the vector table to a different location in the address map, you would need to set the VTOR register in the Cortex-M4 CPU registers (0xE000ED08) to the base address of the new location of the vector table

    2) To set the AWS register, you can use the Flash HAL driver API, the description in the code is :-

    * @brief Configure an access window for the Code Flash memory using the provided start and end address. An access
    * window defines a contiguous area in Code Flash for which programming/erase is enabled. This area is
    * on block boundaries.
    * The block containing start_addr is the first block. The block containing end_addr is the last block.
    * The access window then becomes first block --> last block inclusive. Anything outside this range
    * of Code Flash is then write protected.
    * @note If the start address and end address are set to the same value, then the access window
    * is effectively removed. This accomplishes the same functionality as R_FLASH_HP_AccessWindowClear().
    * Implements flash_api_t::accessWindowSet.
    * @retval SSP_SUCCESS Access window successfully configured.
    * @retval SSP_ERR_INVALID_ADDRESS Invalid settings for start_addr and/or end_addr.
    * @retval SSP_ERR_IN_USE FLASH peripheral is busy with a prior operation.
    * @retval SSP_ERR_ASSERTION NULL provided for p_ctrl.
    * @retval SSP_ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT Code Flash Programming is not enabled.
    * @retval SSP_ERR_NOT_OPEN Flash API has not yet been opened.
    ssp_err_t R_FLASH_HP_AccessWindowSet (flash_ctrl_t * const p_api_ctrl, uint32_t const start_addr,
    uint32_t const end_addr)

  • To add to Jeremy's response, VTOR register can be accessed SCB->VTOR. S5D5 has up to 96 interrupt sources for NVIC so vector table must be aligned on 512-byte (128-word) boundary.
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