Example of using Secure MPU memory protection

Are there any examples of using the secure MPU features of the Synergy parts? Is there an api in synergy somewhere?   I recall that IAR may have put in some hooks into their compiler - is there anything in E2 Studio.  Any examples would be nice.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Larry,

    If you attach ThreadX source to a project and has a production/development licence, you'll be able to see source code in synergy/ssp/src/framework/tx/tx_src/synergy/tx_thread_schedule.c - there is an example how to enable MPU on Synergy. Moreover you may be interesed in section "Memory Protection Unit" in user's manual of the corresponding MCU (e.g. S7G2).

  • In reply to adboc:

    Is there any way to get this information if you do not have that production/development license?
  • In reply to gregk:

    tx_thread_schedule.c code sets up the CPU Stack Monitor, not the security MPU. The security MPU is configured by making setting that are located in Option Setting Memory. The security MPU settings can be configured in the BSP tab of a project :-