An issue with the inability to import Pixelmap IDs for pixmaps into e2 studi

Recently, I tried to create my own project by learning the "washing machine" routine. During the creation process, I imported a pixmap ("WHEEL_DOT_ORANGE") from the "washing machine" routine into my own project (imported into the corresponding folder in e2 studio) and added it in the pixmap area of GUIX. After it, apply it in my workspace. When the workspace in GUIX is done, I will be all the "resources" and "specifications" files are imported into e2 studio.
At this time, the system reported an error: An error occurred in the "specifications.c" file (error is shown in the figure below)

When looking for the source of the problem, I found that in the "resources.h" file, there is no Pixelmap ID declaration for the pixmap (as shown below)

To solve this problem, I checked the import path of the pixmap again and found no problems.
Hope you can help me solve this problem.

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  • Hello ghg,

    please make sure the "generate resource header" option is checked in the export resources dialog window in GUIX Studio:

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