USBHS Host mode


I am using the USBHS in "host" mode on the S7G2 board

How does over currrent detection work via pin "P707" ?

  • Is it an automatic mode that cut the power off?
  • must a handler be declared on the over currrent detection?
  • How to read the state of the over currrent via pin "P707" ?

Power-up via the "PB00" pin is automatic when the USB thread is started.

  • Is it possible to order on-demand power-up via pin "PB00" ?



  • Hi Phil,

    Overcurrent detection pin on Synergy is an input pin that can be monitored by USB peripheral. It is usually connected to an output pin of the USB power switch.

    VBUS Enabled pin is already controlled by sf_el_ux framework and again, usually it is connected to the USB power switch.

    For more details, I suggest looking at reference design of SK-S7G2, DK-S7G2 and S7G2 MCU user's manual regarding USBHS:


  • In reply to adboc:

    HI adboc,
    Thanks for your answer,
    is there a way to manage VBUS manually with or without sf_el_ux framework ?
  • In reply to Phil:

    Hi Phil,

    Please try setting a false VBUSEN pin Signal Logic in Port HCD configuration settings, disabling Auto Initialization of USBX Host Configuration, reconfiguring the pin as an ouput in runtime and later (once you would like to enable Host) calling ux_host_init0() and driving VBUSEN manually.