Problem with RS485 communication on dk-s124

 I work on RS485 communication between dk-s124 by adding SN65176B and raspberrypi with RS485 shield

I tried to communicate a frame of bytes using UART and it works. But, after adding the RS485 transceiver I receive just the first byte.  

  • Hi YI,

    If a frame of bytes using UART is actually working, it indicates there must be an issue between RS485 transceivers. RS485 has some additional requirements apart from simple wiring (e.g. terminators at both ends of a bus), have you comply with these ones?

  • In reply to adboc:

    Hi adboc;
    Thank you. The problem is solved. It was the control pin of reading and writing uart frame. It must be cleared after writing to allow reading of the next bytes.