SK-S7G2 Wi-Fi framework with winc1500 xplained pro

Hi everyone,

I am using a S7G2-SK board with E2studio 6.2.0 and SSP 1.3.0.

I have a winc1500 xplained pro

I would like to initializes the Wi-Fi module


I downloaded and installed the "ATWINC1500 WIFI MODULE DRIVER " found on the Renesas site:


I created a new synergy project.


I followed the steps in section 3 of the "ATWINC15X0 Wi-Fi Add-on Component User’s Manual " found on the same page as previously:

I end up with the following configuration:

I used the PMODB of the S7G2 to connect the Atwinc1500:

The MCU P411 connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin SPI_MOSI

The MCU P410 connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin SPI_MISO

The MCU P412 connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin SPI_SCK

The MCU P413 connected on the Atwinc1500  Pin SPI_SSN 

The MCU GND connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin GND

The MCU PMODB VCC connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin  VBATT 3.3V

The MCU P400 connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin IRQ_EN

The MCU P603 connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin RESET_N

The MCU P604 connected on the Atwinc1500 Pin CHIP_EN


I started with the beginning, so it will be just the initialization of the module.

Here my code:

#include "wifi_thread.h"

/* Wifi Thread entry function */
void wifi_thread_entry(void)
ssp_err_t err;

err = g_sf_wifi0.p_api->open(g_sf_wifi0.p_ctrl, g_sf_wifi0.p_cfg);

if(SSP_SUCCESS != err)
tx_thread_sleep (10);
while (1)
tx_thread_sleep (1);

I set a breakpoint if err is different of SSP_SUCCESS. Unfortunately err is “SSP_ERR_WIFI_CONFIG_FAILED” wich mean “Configuration of Wi-Fi driver failed".


Is there anything wrong with the setup / code above? Where can I find a fully working project with the ATWINC1500 + S7G2?


Kind regards

  • Hi Alexis,

    be very careful when mapping a different device to the Pmod connection of the SK-S7G2 as the designer did not use the 'standard' Digilent numbering convention.....see: LINK

    In addition you should connect both the GND pins (2 and 19) on the WINC1500-XPRO Extension Header to GND on the PmodB header.

    Also be aware that the WINC1500-XPRO Extension Header has a WAKE Active-high host wake control signal to the wireless module on pin 10.

    Initially you can tie this pin HIGH to enable the module, later you may drive it from an I/O pin to allow the module to go to sleep when it isn't used.


    Please take a look at the following post:



  • In reply to Lou Leen:

    Hi Lou,

    Think you for your answer. I am sorry, the problem was in my code. I tried to initialize my Wi-Fi module with the function Open while the stack g_ip0 Netx IP Instance already did it.

    Kind Regards