Use 128*128 dot matrix LCD on SK-S7G2 kit

We are trying to use a 128*128 dot matrix LCD with SK-S7G2 board. The board has RGB LCD. But we want to interface dot matrix PE128128WRF instead.

Is it possible to connect this dot matrix LCD via RGB lines? Or Is there any ways of connecting this dot matrix LCD?

The details on connection is available in Pg no. 13 in this link:


Also, let me know if someone has achieved this with Synergy (dot matrix LCD with Synergy), and whether any driver is available for the dot matrix LCD in SSP or third party?

Please help

  • Hi GNK,

    GLCDC on S7G2 supports the following output data formats:

    • RGB888 (parallel 24 bits)
    • RGB666 (parallel 18 bits)
    • RGB565 (parallel 16 bits)
    • RGB888 (serial 8 bits); clock cycle is four times the pixel clock

    The driver in dot matrix LCD of course does not support any of this, but you may use only 8 lines (and discard the remaining ones), e.g. 8 lines using RGB565 format. You may also consider driving manually data pins.


  • In reply to adboc:

    Hi GNK,

    As Adboc said - you can not use the GLCD to drive this display BUT the S7, S5, and S3 all support an external bus interface and you can drive the display easily using that. If you read through the GuiX documentation, you will see that you can create you own driver that uses the bus interface to talk to the display. You will need to also get the NT7508 display contoller documentation to understand what commands you will have to send to the display. The S7G2 Hardware user manual has the details on the external bus controller which you will have to initialize as well.