USB MS Device ramdisk_image.c

Hello everyone,
at the moment I am using the USB MS Device Demo. This uses a ramdisk_image.c file. How was this file created?
I would like to save a ZIP file instead of a text file on my Synergy MCU.

Thank you very much

  • Hi x20011,

    This file contains an image of FAT partition. You may create FAT partition written to a file using specific software. However, you may also use Synergy and FileX to create such image.

    The application below runs on SSP 1.3.3, SK-S7G2. You should have a USB drive attached to the board. The USB thread (file usb_thread_entry.c) copies a filesystem to an internal RAM FAT partition and then saves is as an image to USB disk (by default ramdisk_image.bin and ramdisk_image.c files, the same contents in different formats). Please remember to edit which files would you like to copy (they obviously should exist on USB disk), by default:

    copy_path(&g_fx_usb_media, &g_fx_ram_disk, "test.txt");
    copy_path(&g_fx_usb_media, &g_fx_ram_disk, "abc/def/ghi.txt");