New SSP module not visible in Threads



I'm trying to create a new SSP module according to the guide.


My problem is that the new module "sf_wifi_myWiFiModule" is visible in the Components view:

but not in the Threads view:


I have named the xml file just like the fields in the pdsc file...


What I have missed?


Thnak you for your help!



  • Hi Gregor,

    Please try copying module description XML file to .module_descriptions of the project, close the project and open it again. Are you able then to add your new stack to this project? It should copy all module description files automatically, but this step will just check if the syntax is valid.

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    Hi Gregor,

    The .pdsc file is not listing any files so adding this module will not copy any files into the project. It looks like you have used the export tool in e2studio so you can go back to add the files to be included in the pack file.


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    thank you for your replies!

    @adboc: no after restarting of the project no changes to the behavior. Is there any very simple example of the whole .pack (just a simple driver) to better understand the whole process?


    @Ian:Yes, the project was created with e2studio. As above, I just want to understand the mechanism and then create some more complicated stuff.

    Below again my other post with a simple driver I want to try. No real content, just two more or less blank files. The structure should be in the focus. Why this is not visible in the threads tab?


    Anyway I have tryied to create very simple structure of a new driver to understand the process o creating a new SSP module.

    I'm able to follow all the steps and I can see my new driver in the Components tab:

    But even after addin of an xml file, I can't see the new driver in the Threads tab...

    The name of the .xml file have to be identical with the description in the .pdsc file, correct?

    Here is the .pdsc file content:


    And the .xml file name is: "Renesas##HAL Drivers##all##r_smb####1.3.2.xml"

    The content ot the .xml file (in the .module_descriptions):


    For me it seems to be like in the application note. Or is there something else I also have to consider?

    My whole file structure looks like this:

    Please reffer to the whole uploaded .pack file.


    Could this pack be used as a carrier to point out the right method?

    Could you please try this out and give me a feedback what should be done better?

    This would be very helpfull (maybe also for other users).




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    Reinstalling the e2studio did the job. Now the new SSP module is visible in the Threads tab.

    Still it would be nice to create a simple example .pack for use with the guide for better undestanding of this topic ;)

    Thank you all for your help!
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    Good to hear you have it working.

    I did notice that the contents of the pack file had an unnecessary folder at the top level. This may have caused an issue. Also, the e2studio workspace .log file was showing that the <component> element was not complete as it needed files. I have changed both of these in the attached pack file and it shows up for me.

    Please note that it is best to either create a new project or remove the xml files from the .module_descriptions folder when changing the pack file to ensure the changes are picked up.


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    The below linked apps note may be of use as it details the format of the PDSC and XML files used to package the SSP components.