• define a "#pragma section" with KPIT GNU RL78 ?


    I use the KPIT GNU RL78 v15.02 compiler.
    I would like to know how to assign a specific zone for a set of functions.

    Currently I use the definition:
    void MyFirstFunction (void) __attribute__ ((section (".Mytext")));
    void MySecondFunction…

  • GNU tools for RL78

    Just an FYI for those of you who like to be on the bleeding edge (and/or missed the KPIT announcement elsewhere) - the FSF respositories for gcc, binutils, and newlib now include support for the Renesas RL78 chip family.  Build instructions are the same…

  • code samples for gnu as RL78/G12

    Hello, everythere!

    Where i can find code sample for gnu assembler with link file?

    m.b. have a tutorial, how to create program for assembler for RL78-G12 series?

  • RL78 Digital Signal Controller Library - Filter GNU compiled version ?


    Does anybody have 'RL78 Digital Signal Controller Library - Filter' built using the GNU compiler?

    The current DSCL library supports only CS+ CA78K0R and IAR compiler.


    Vivek M

  • Mıgration from IAR compiler to GNU compiler - RL78

    Hello everyone,

    I have a project on IAR EWB.

    Does anybody know how to migrate from IAR compiler to GNU compiler for E2 studio? 

    Is there any app note on this?



  • RL78 cracy asm code for flipping output - GNU


    I uses the RL78G13 with E2studio and the GNU compiler. 

    I was trying to make a while loop where I just flip a bit in a port  and it generates the following code



    LED = ~LED;

    00002c53: movw 0xffef0, #0xff01
    00002c57: movw 0xffef2, #0xff01

  • Is Math lib available that can fit the RL78/G10 flash size like 1KB or 2KB (CC-RL/GNU e2studio) ?

    It seems the math library takes like 2KB+. I am just wondering if there is anyway to implement it in a more compact size.

  • GNU compiler as Renesas standard

    As DevCon last week Renesas announced version 1.1 of its Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) e2studio. More than just an upgrade, Renesas plans to make e2studio the primary development platform for RL78, RX, SH, and RH850 MCUs, moving…

  • RE: Data Flash Access Library (T04) integration into E2Studio GNU

    Hi Ralf,

    I have a problem with the processor R5F104LEA series RL78/G14.

    Here are the linker settings

    This program code

    int main(void)
    // TODO: add application code here
    pfdl_descriptor_t pfdl_d;
    pfdl_request_t pfdl_request;
    pfdl_status_t pfdl_statu…

  • Error trying to compile sample projects with KPit GNU


    I'm using e2 studio Version:, Kpit GnuRL78-V15.01 and Sample Projects for RDKRL78G14.

    I imported the projects and tried to build some of them but it always returns 3 errors. They are:

    • Compiler PATH not set
    • make: *** [Project_Name.x…