• RE: RL78+GCC + more than 64kB of flash ?

    When I was doing the RL78 gcc port, I used coremark as a profiling test and it needed 512k of simulated flash memory.  For the most part it "just works" as long as the only thing in "high" memory is functions, since the linker automatically creates a…

  • RL78+GCC large program


    I'm using a RL78/G13 with 256kB of program flash (R5F100GJ) and KPIT GNURL78 v14.03, and e2studio IDE for my application. 

    I have the next issues.

    1. It seems the program cannot be bigger than +or- 40Kb. If I pass 40Kb the program behavior is…

  • RL78 data flash for gcc compiler

    I have no desire to use libraries for my project.  This is the first micro, that I have ever used, that has not provided information in the User Manual for all peripherals.  Can anyone give me any information on an RL78 Data FLASH manual that will give…

  • gcc rl78 , c++ class variables end up in rom ?

    somehow my variables are not variables but acts as if in rom


    setting its values it stays at 0

  • RE: Migrate RL78/L13 project from IAR to e2Studio with Renasas GCC compiler


    I have tried a few things - updated my e2Studio to the latest version and had to download install the latest RL78 GCC toolchain from gcc-renesas.com/.../

    I managed to create a C project based the sample project in the Project Type list . Clicking…
  • RE: RL78/L13 E2Studio (GCC) - Including time.h in the Optimized library

    time.h cannot be used with RL78.
    time.h requires that a RTOS is operating on the processor, which is known to GCC. This RTOS has to provide a system clock, which can be used for time measurement.
    GCC does not provide any code to configure a timer to operate…
  • RL78/L13 E2Studio with GCC Compiler - How to change change the stack size

    I have an E2Studio project using the RL78/L13 running the GCC compiler. This project was previously compiled using IAR and I have migrated to E2Studio and GCC. How do I change the default stack size? My current compiler commands are: -Wstack-usage=64 …

  • RE: EEL T02 / FDL T02 RL78/G13 RF5100BGA / example linker files for GCC very hard to merge

    Same problem here!
    If the format before the startup is removed the (which one has to do if you just want to read out the data) everything fails with EEL_ERR_POOL_INCONSISTENT.
    Is this a debugging problem?