• RAM/ROM e2studio GNURL78-ELF Toochain


    Could I have an example, a link to modify the RAM / ROM segments.
    (Setting the address and size) for e2studio (GNURL78-ELF ) on the RL78 - G13

    Thank you in advance.


  • Interrupts Intialization (GCC for Renesas Linux Toolchain (ELF Format)

    I am using compiler “GCC for Renesas Linux Toolchain (ELF Format)” for RL78/I1b MCU,

    I don’t know how to setup interrupt handler functions.

    I tried below interrupt code which was generated from CS+ CA RENESAS IDE…

  • User defined custom optimization option on E2Studio for KPIT GNURL78

    Hello Everybody,

    Is it possible to have a compile optimization option only on certain files that one wishes?

    Probably by the option "Custom (user defined optimization)" of E2Studio. but I do not know how to write the command line.
    I'm using KPIT…

  • e2studio kpit GNURL78-ELF tool chain 14.1 Speed and Size optimization problems.

    My software is working fine when the Speed and Size optimization is off. It would not work properly if I turned that on.  I tried to using the debugger to see what is going wrong when the Optimization is on.  But the debugger is also not working when the…

  • RE: HTTPS example for GR Lychee

    getting this error

    "E:/GCC for Renesas RL78" -I./ -I "E:/GCC for Renesas RL78" -I "E:/GCC for Renesas RL78…
  • RE: how to compile C++ in Renesas RL78

    CC-RL does not support C++. You could use IAR EWRL78 or GNURL78.

  • RE: USB_Firmware_update - problem with E2 build

    I have found the reason. I had GNURL78-ELF Toolchain v13.02, but it is needed v14.03.

  • RE: How to see the memory usage

    hi everyone

    i use e2studio and GNURL78-ELF v14.03. i want to see memory usage but i didnt.

    it says:

    "Can't get MCU information of the selected project. Only projects created by following toolchains are supported to get MCU information:

    - KPIT…

  • RE: define a "#pragma section" with KPIT GNU RL78 ?

    #pragma instructions are in most cases compiler specific. That's why they are #pragma instructions. A compiler simply ignores #pragma instructions which it does not know and does not generate an error.
    As far as I know the __attribute__ is the only…
  • RE: RL78 cracy asm code for flipping output - GNU

    No new releases of GNURL78 were made since then. 13.02 is still the latest one. So the problem is still there.