Issue with running Linux on Cortex A7 and GOAL Sample Application on Cortex M3 simultaneously on RZ/N1D CPU Board + Expansion B


I am following"r01qs0022ed0005-rzn1d-quick-start-guide". I am stuck up at running Linux on Cortex A7 and GOAL Sample Application on Cortex M3 simultaneously on RZ/N1D CPU Board + Expansion B.

I am running Goal project Chase lights  "00410_goal\chase_lights" in ARM Cortex M3.

Linux kernel and dtb running in Flash for Cortex A7. I am able to ping with J22 and J23 after login with root and using ifconfig eth0 "IP0" up and ifconfig eth0 "IP1" up. Providing Flash linux device tree "uImage-rzn1d400-db-both-gmacs.dtb" with DFU utility in windows.

Once we provide => setenv bootcmd "sf probe && sf read 0x4000000 d0000 80000 && rzn1_start_cm3 && sleep 4 && sf read 0x8ffe0000 b0000 20000 && sf read 0x80008000 1d0000 600000 && bootm 0x80008000 - 0x8ffe0000"
=> saveenv

Reset the board – SW4. After the autoboot, only bin with A7 is running (Ping happens). But binary in Cortex M3 stops.

Please also clarify below  points also

1. How many ethernets can run individually with Cortex A7 and Cortex M3.

2. We need to run all 5 ethernets simultaneously, Please share if any application notes and projects available.


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  • Hi Mohan,

    How's this issue? Were you able to fix this?

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  • Hi JB,

    No, Still it is at the same stage.

    I am eagerly waiting for the reply.

    Adding to above query..

    @3. Ethernet Interface page 12 of doc""r01qs0022ed0005-rzn1d-quick-start-guide" says J22 is reserved for Linux while using RZ/N1D-DB with expansion board and Linux accesses GMAC1.

    and Port J22 and 24 can be used for real-time Ethernet.

    @6. Setup U-Boot environment variables: Linux bootargs setting, we are setting static IP address for GMAC1 with below command

    setenv bootargs "console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/mtdblock7 init=/init rootwait ip= earlyprintk clk_ignore_unused"

    When we boot Linux with uboot, i.e When Linux runs I am able to ping with J22 and is up with this DTB " uImage-rzn1d400-db.dtb"

    My requirement is to up and ping with all the 5 ethernet ports simultaneously on board.


    1. Both Cortex M3(running Goal) and A7(running Linux) are not working simultaneously. Only A7 works and M3 hangs as per my above post.
    2. Can I get a DTB file which runs all 5 ethernet ports. Because with "uImage-rzn1d400-db-both-gmacs.dtb" I am able t up J22 and J23.
    3. If this acts as a ethernet switch, If I connect to J22 can I access remaining ethernet ports???
    4. How many ethernets work on Linux in because document says Cortex M3 is for 5 port ethernet switch and M3 runs with IAR and can boot image with Linux.
    5. Should we set other eth similar to etho done @ Linux bootargs for accessing all other ethernet ports??

    Please help to advise further actions. I hope for a response today.

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    Hi Mohan,

    Unfortunately there are only few in this forum who supports the RZ/N1D device. If you need an urgent response, please submit a ticket to Renesas Technical Support for this issue using your company email. Thank you.

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    Have you found the answer you were looking for?

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  • Hi Mohan

    I hope you've already solved the problem, but I'd be happy if my comments below help you.

    1. CM3's "chase_lights" program turns on / off the LED with the extended I / O controlled by I2C. The reason that CM3 program stops when CA7 Linux is started is because I2C control from CM3 side breaks down when initialization process of Linux I2C driver is executed when Linux starts. As a test, when creating a uImage file with the I2C driver disabled in the Linux Kernel configuration and starting both "chase_lights" on CM3 and Linux on CA7, the CM3 program did not stop.

    2. If all 5 ports are used on CA7 Linux, use "rzn1d400-db-no-cm3.dtb". Which ports can be used from CA7 and CM3 in each dtb file is described in “4.1 Configurations” of the document “RZN1-U-Boot-User-Manual.pdf”.

    3. When "rzn1d400-db-no-cm3.dtb" is used, J22 can be used only with eth0 (GMAC1). The remaining four ports J23, J24, CN1, and CN4 can be used from GMAC2 (eth1) via the built-in 5-port switch.

    4. When using “rzn1d400-db.dtb”, only one port of J22 can be used from CA7 Linux, and four ports of J23, J24, CN1, and CN4 can be used from CM3. When "rzn1d400-db-both-gmacs.dtb" is used, 2 ports of J22 and J23 can be used from CA7 Linux, and 2 ports of CN1 and CN4 can be used from CM3, but J24 cannot be used from either. For details, refer to “4.1 Configurations” in the document “RZN1-U-Boot-User-Manual.pdf”.

    5. Please refer to “4.1 Configurations” in the document “RZN1-U-Boot-User-Manual.pdf” for details. As a point of caution, when using J23, J24, CN1, CN4 using "rzn1d400-db-no-cm3.dtb", it is necessary to enable each port with the ifconfig command as shown in the example below.
    ifconfig sw0p0 up
    ifconfig sw0p1 up

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    Has your question been answered?

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