Interrupt issue in RSK +RX65N KIT using FIT modules


I am using an RSK + RX65N development kit. I am porting RTOS to the kit.

My basic task involves taking an input from the switch button and turn ON an LED. I am facing issue in generating an interrupt from the switch using FIT modules.

Procedure followed:

 - Tested a working project and started making changes in that project

 - Imported FIT modules for the switch interrupt using details from the schematic available from Renesas. Assigned IRQ8, IRQ9, and IRQ15 according to the schematic for each switch

- used the following code to configure the switch interrupt,


ucIntError = R_IRQ_Open(IRQ_NUM_8, IRQ_TRIG_FALLING, IRQ_PRI_0, &SwitchHandle3, Switch_ISR);

ucIntEnableError = R_IRQ_InterruptEnable (SwitchHandle, true);


- Both the values, ucIntError and ucIntEnableError, are returning 0 from the functions. So the interrupt is getting configured but when the switch is pressed, it does not execute the code in Switch_ISR function. 

 - Removed the RTOS part and checked but the issue is with interrupt only.

 - Tried the FIT demo project file as well, they seem to cause the same problem. 


Also, it was checked whether the controller execution jumps to the irq8_isr but it did not. 


Could you please give any input on this?




  • If you set the interrupt priority to "0" the interrupt is disabled.
    Have you checked in the interrupt control registers that the interrupt request for your switch has been set?
    Where is R_ICU_PinSet() from?

  • In reply to FrankL:

    The attached project initializes SW1 for IRQ8 and toggles LED0 on RSK+RX65N.

  • In reply to FrankL:

    ^^ Actually, R_ICU_Pinset() function is used for setting the pin direction and MPC functions.

    Now, the interrupt works perfectly. I guess the priority was set to 0, so it did not work.

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