simulation won't step into main.

I am new to Renesas, HEW and the RX MCU.

I am using HEW 4.09.01 with C/C++ compiler for RX family V 1.02 and RX family Simulator Debugger V 1.02.01.


I have written a library, and imported it into an application.

Because of the application size I changed the link section from FFFF8000 to FFFE0000.  I made a similar change in the simulator.


When I attempt to debug The simulation starts at PowerON_Reset_PC().

I seem to be able to step within this function, but I cannot step into main();

If I simply "go" after reseting the CPU, the simulator halts at the nop() call in PowerON_Reset_PC().

I place a breakpoint at the top of my main(), but it is never hit!

I look at the disassembly and I see FFFE0024 057B1600                  BSR.A       _main 

This looks like a relative branch to my main function at FFFE169F.


What am I doing wrong?