RX621 simple flash using uart

hi All ,

i have an hew project  and the firmware run in a proprietary board ......how can simple update the firmware using uart rs485 .......

i just use modbus to send command to the board using  rs485 , but i dont know how to upgrade firmware is there anibody that can help me ? 

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    The question is so vague as to be unanswerable. You have a proprietary board which by the nature of the word proprietary means no one knows how the thing works accept the manufacturer. you give no other details at all.

  • I would move the firmware upgrade to a custom bootloader. Then, the steps are as follows:

    1. Write/use a Motorola S-Record converter to binary format
    2. Write the custom bootloader (which is first started and then automatically calls the upgradable application)
    3. Adjust the memory layout of the upgradable application and remove its clock initialization (since this is already done by the custom bootloader)
    4. Write a program which transfers the binary to the custom bootloader via RS485

    You can use the FIT modules for the SCI and Flash API.

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    Did Architect's suggestion answer your question?

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    I thanks a lot for your reply . can i ask you something more?
    my device is mcu621 (r5f56218) on SCI3 im able to communicate in rs485 ( 0.8 kB )

    now seeing your 4 point

    1) no problem to convert in binary format
    2) can you give me a simple example or link me where can learn more about start to create a custom bootloader ?
    3) understand
    4) any suggest?

    fit modules----- for this mcu there isn't a FIT modules

    thanks for your reply

    p.s. Another important thing ..... my communication channel is to slow so if it's possible i would do that download of new software is non blocking and in background!
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    Has your issue been resolved?

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