GNURX and Project Generation

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, I did some searches but didn't quite find my answer...

When using Renesas' Windows-based tools such as HEW and e2studio, I noticed even with KPIT GNURX there is a project generator that kicks out a lot of stuff--creates a custom linker script, creates (most importantly IMO) iodefine.h, there seems to be an "rx-elf-libgen" command I don't see with a stock Binutils+GCC+Newlib install, etc.

Are these tools proprietary (and just happen to ship with the KPIT GNURX binary distributions or just ship with HEW/e2studio)?  I cannot find them in the downloadable sources from KPIT's website nor inside the stock GCC/Newlib/Binutils/GDB downloads from their respective upstream sources.

And in a related question--the iodefine.h generated by e2studio, is this file legally free to use & distribute?  My personal aim is open source projects going forward, and I prefer to use a non-Windows platform for my work, so I'm trying to figure out what I need and what I can't get from the available source-compiled tools.

I do have a good handle now on the Linker scripts and the differences between Newlib's stock rx.ld versus the linker script generated by e2studio.


  • yes, rx-elf-libgen tool is proprietary and built by KPIT. The sources of which are not shared neither on website nor on request.

  • In reply to C R:

    Thanks for the info.  I also got this from KPIT's support:

    The 'iodefine.h' supplied with GNU samples and project generator is


    from Renesas and is ported to GNU compatible format. We do not see any issue

    in this file being distributed as part of 'Open Source' projects as these


    are already supplied along with GNU Toolchain (which are also free tools).


    GNU Support

    I think that pretty much satisfies my questions.