CS+ project occur E0562310:Undefined external symbal"_Processing_Before_Start_Kernel" referenced in "DefaultBuild\resetprg.obj"


     I need you help.

     I download the FreeRTOS source code for RX65N from the following path:


    I use CS+ create a new project for the target RX65N and add the above FreeRTOS source code to the new CS+ project,when  I build the project, the following error occur:

    E0562310:Undefined external symbol "_Processing_Before_Start_Kernel" referenced in "DefaultBuild¥resetprg.obj"

    but actually,the following information has already included in resetprg.c

    extern void Processing_Before_Start_Kernel(void);

   what`s wrong?

   Should i need to modify any of the CS+ setting? How to do?


   The structure of CS+ project (Only a part of project) please see below:


        |----resetprg.c   (in which void Processing_Before_Start_Kernel(void) is declared)


              |----freertos_start.c   (in which void Processing_Before_Start_Kernel(void) is defined)