Programming Using Latest RFP (v3.06.00) With Separate Boot and User Data (Application)

 We used an older version of RFP (2.03.00) and an E1.  We purchased some E2 Lites but they do not work with the old version of RFP.  The new version does not support natively to program the boot and user/data as it used to.  
   1.  Is there a way to program these two separately areas easily?  We prefer a single step to do both.

   2.  Does Renesas supply a merging utility?  We are trying to avoid merging, as we will have to merge and test each piece of legacy software.

  • You can select multiple files as long as they are in the same directory. But the files may not share the same address range.
    Best practice is to place all the mot files in the RFP project directory. RFP will then use a relative path to the files. This makes it easy to use the RFP project on different machines. Just copy the entire RFP project directory.
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    I never even thought of that. Thank you for your response. This worked for me.
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    Thank you for verifying that your question was answered.

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