Generate 200ns timer


I'm using RX71M controller, and I want to generate 200ns Timer. as i want to use this timer to count Encoder pulse which is 500ns time period. i am using CMT timer but its limitation is it can not generate timer below 1us, which timer i should use?



Vishwas Patadia

  • Good day, Vishwas Patadia!

    How did it go so far? Have you generated 200ns timer already?

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  • Vishwas,

    You can generate close to a 200nS timer for manually reading the encoder pulse if that is what you desire. However the CMT clocking will only provide an interval value of 267nS based on the clock frequency of 240 MHz system clock.

    If you are looking to count encoder pulses, you might attempt to employ the MTU in input capture mode to gather the width of the pulses if that is what you desire. I suggest looking at the H/W manual and seeing if the device timer meets your needs.

  • Vishwas Patadia,

    Have you found a way to generate the timer you require?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator