LIN using Extended Serial Mode of SCI12 on RX130

Hi there,

I'm trying to program a simple LIN (slave) receiver (for the reception of the Start Frame) on a RX130 using SCI12 in Extended Serial Mode.


Is there any sample code about this? I didn't find anything (also on the FIT modules - so no LIN driver). 


Thanks for the help


  • Please have a look at the sample code provided for YRPBRX111 for RX111. RX111 has a similar SCI as RX130 (not the same but close) and the sample code has examples for LIN on SCI12.

    I have to admit I have no idea where I have this example from and it is not tested. The project is for e2 studio 7.5


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    Hi Frank,

    thank you big time for the sharing!