Using GCC tool chain for RX63T nested interrupt

Hi all,

    I use E2-STUDIO(Ver. 7.5.0) and the tool chain is GCC for Renesas RX. Target MCU is RX63T.

I want to use nested interrupt. 

In CCRX tool chain, it can be set to nested interrupt as bellow,

#pragma interrupt (Excep_MTU0_TGIA0(vect=114, enable))
void Excep_MTU0_TGIA0(void);


But it seems that GCC tool chain does not support this function.

Now I use inline assembly to achieve nested interrupt as bellow,


void INT_Excep_MTU3_TGIA3(void) __attribute__ ((interrupt));
void INT_Excep_MTU3_TGIA3(void)
    __asm ("setpsw i");

If don't use inline assembly , is there any other settings for nested interrupt?


Thank you for your help.