Serial Communication Interface FIFO


I.m working on transmit serially data via channel 10 on RX71M.

I am using Async mode.

I am using SCIF APIs for transmitting data. it is not execute callback function. as well after execution of SCIF_send twice it will stuck and shows SCIF_ERR_BUSY error.

how can i remove this error?



  • By debugging your software.
    If the callback function is not executed the interrupt request is not accepted. It could be that the SCI interrupt is not enabled, that interrupts in general are are not enabled (in processor status word), or that the interrupt request bit is already set at communication start.
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    hello frank,

    I tried to set IE flag in PSW as well as checked interrupt request bit. but still not executing callback function ?

    anything else i should check?

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    So interrupt request is set?
    Is interrupt executed?
    Is the pointer for the callback function in the interrupt routine correctly initialized?
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    Have you resolved your issue?

    Mike Clements
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