R5F523T3ADFM programming with FP6

Hello Sir,

I am using the PG-FP6 to make this IC programming,it can be read signature and programming ,verify etc.but after program and verify pass,then I try to do blank check,it is still pass.So that it is not programming anything inside.

it is strange.

Can you kindly give your help about this issue?



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  • Program-verify and blank check are 2 different sessions.
    Between these 2 sessions PG-FP6 is disconnected from RX23T and power supply to RX23T is switched off.
    The code, that is programmed to RX23T, does not have an ID code programmed.

    When PG-FP6 connects to a device, the device checks if an ID check is necessary. If no ID code is programmed the boot loader by default erases all on-chip flash. Please see figure 34.19 from RX23T hardware user's manual.
    So blank check is successfull.

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