RTOS Support

RTOS Support

  • I want to use a
    rugged, proved RTOS
    on M16C/62P, E8, HEW system

    Especially I want to use M3T-MR30/4 RTOS which is promoted in
    Renesas website.

    But I cant buy by Renesas distributors, because it isnt promoted
    in some countries.

    Is there anyone who propose such that RTOS, or How can I reach
    this RTOS(M3T-MR30/4).

    Thanks and Regards.


  • What country would you want the license in? (Where are you doing
    the design work?)

    (This thread has been moved from
    the HEW forum to the RTOSes

  • We can't help with this RTOS, however; you should focus on
    something that has open standards so you aren't locked in. 
    The Linux/POSIX community is the most common standard although not
    the only one.

    For m16c try:   

    General info: 



    Using these open standards and off the shelf I/O support with a
    tiny tiny Linux compatible rtos will get you the best solution
    overall and the development is FREE, the source code is FREE and
    non commercial development is FREE.