LED blinking

I am new to Renesas CS+. can anyone please help me with basic LED  blinking program? I am unable to define delay. i have configured timers under clock generator but need help with the coding part. Please help me with the code if you can.

  • Hello,

    Please provide the information about the microcontroller part you use
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    I am using RL78.. R5F10BGG (48pin).
  • Please have a look at the RL78 sample codes on the Renesas homepage.
    The sample codes especially for starter kits (RSK) or the like include sample codes on how to use different peripherals. This could include some useful example for you.
    Besides, if you want to get detailed help you should explain in detail which tools (including versions) and which hardware you use. CS+ does not mean anything as it is only the IDE. this does not say anything about the compiler, the tool versions or the processor being used.
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    RL78F13 is not the best selection as it has only few sample codes. For a simple timer function you could refer to sample codes for RL78G13 or RL78G14. But CS+ sample codes for these processors use old CS+ versions... .
  • pritam,

    Have you been successful in blinking your LED's?

    Mike Clements
    RenesasRulz Moderator
  • thanks guys...
    issue resolved... :)
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    Hello Pritam,

    I am using the same RL78.. R5F10BGG (48pin) as you have used. I woukld like to know the source code for LED blinking.
    If possible please let know the possible stage to know deep about LED blinking program in C.

    thanks n adance!
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    try implementing this logic to blink your LED... It worked for me.

    Led ON;
    Timer start();
    if (overflow flag==1);
    Timer stop();
    Led OFF;
    Timer start();
    if (overflow flag==1);
    Timer stop();

    apologies for replying so late... i hope your issue is resolved already.. in case it is not.. please feel free to reach me at pritamp46@gmail.com for immediate replies.

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    what mode you have used for this project interrupt mode or polling mode ?
  • Hello!!!
    I am using cs+ and I want to know how to upload the program to the R5F104LE controller. Please help me.