FreeRTOS on RL78/G14 with IAR (2.21.1) demo


I'm trying to migrate our products from gcc to IAR Embedded Workbench 2.21.1 for RL78 without success.

The current demo is not compliant with the latest version of IAR Embedded Workbench (ORG and COMMON seems to be deprecated):

DW vPortTickISR

ORG 126
DW vPortYield

Is there a working up-to-date example available ?

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  • This demo has been developped for EWRL V.1.xx. It cannot be compiled with EWRL V.2.xx.

    I don't know of a port to work with EWRL V.2.xx

    Please have a look at the Release Notes of EWRL. There is also a link to a document describing how to migrate a project from V.1.xx to V.2.xx.

  • In reply to FrankL:

    I've found a way to write an IAR 2.21.1 compliant version of this assembly part looking the assembly dump of my serial port setup function :

           /* IAR 2.21.1 */

           ASEGN `.intvec`:CODE:ROOT,56


           DC16    _vPortTickISR

           ASEGN `.intvec`:CODE:ROOT,126


           DC16    _vPortYield

    FreeRTOS is now working as expected ! :)

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    with IAR v 3.10 the above declarations don't work

    ASEGN `.intvec`:CODE:ROOT,56
    DC16 vPortTickISR

    ASEGN `.intvec`:CODE:ROOT,126
    DC16 vPortYield

    give the errors:

    Error[Lp011]: section placement failed
    unable to complete "place at" directives with a total estimated minimum size of 0x7c bytes in <[0x00004-0x00037]> (total space 0x34).
    Error[Lp015]: section placement failure: overcommitted content in [0x00004-0x00037]
    Error while running Linker

    Has anybody tried to port Freertos for RL78 with 3.10 IAR Compiler?

  • In reply to nick83:

    Why don't you simple use #pragma vector and __interrupt?
    #pragma vector vPortTickISR=28
    __interrupt void vPortTickISR(void);
    #pragma vector vPortYield=63
    __interrupt void vPortYield(void);
  • In reply to FrankL:

    Hi Frank,

    the portion of code I pasted comes from an assembly file.

    I am sure there is a simple solution, I just can't see the assembly files generated by the compiler, therefore I cannot make a C file and check the correct syntax on the generated assembly file.
    What is the assembly generated code from the #pragma def you suggested?