PicoFDL (T04) with IAR RL78 2.xx


MCU: RL78/G13

We are now migrating from IAR 1.xx to 2.xx due to other issues and our dataflash library doesn´t compile with the new version because the tool provided by Renesas "RENESAS_FDL_RL78_T04E_V1.20" only allows generating libraries for 1.20 version of IAR.

Should we expect Renesas to update this tool for new versions soon? Or is it better to switch to other flash emulation library (T01 e.g.) assuming the cost in code size? Any alternative?

Thanks in advance!

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    If binaries are identical and one is working and the other doesn't, I would check this:
    - MCU is correctly selected: are you both using the same MCU?
    - Debugger hardware configuration: this is not part of the binary file, but affects to the runtime
    - Check with a release binary without debugger attached. Does it reset in release mode?
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    Hi txen,

    If we select the same MCU we get the same binaries, but andrvisht has a R5F1006C and I'm using a QB-R5F100LE-TB demo board.
    I'll check the debugger conf and try a release instead.
    I'm going on vacation so I don't have the time until I get back August 5th.
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    Are there any on your site
    I would also like to have them.
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    Hi andrvisht,

    Check your gmail... :)