FreeRTOS compilation in IAR for RL78


I was compiling FreeRTOS v8.2.1 in IAR version 2.20.

But in the FreeRTOS file FreeRTOSV8.2.1/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/IAR/RL78/portasm.s87

interrupts are defined as follows

; Install the interrupt handlers

DW vPortTickISR

ORG 126
DW vPortYield

but during compilation IAR gives following error

COMMON directive is not supported in ELF mode

ORG directive is not supported in ELF mode

Is there anything i am missing or is there any other method to define interrupt

in assembly in latest IAR version

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  • My code was an example of what the compiler generates. It should NOT be used as template for manually written assembler code.
    The compiler generated code includes several instructions to add debug information to the generated output. I have never used these, and it looks like the assembler does not support all of them.
    It would be better you say what you want to do instead of providing a single instruction the assembler does not like and which probably (I haven't checked) is not documented anywhere.
  • thanks frank,

    Is there any method I can link a assembler function into intvec? Should I customize a lcf file to do this?