Read from data flash (with an external programmer)


In our application it would be nice to be able to read the contents of the data flash with an external programmer. I found this post which explains that it is not possible to read the _code_ flash, but as far as I can see, it applies also to the data flash, and basically it makes sense from a security perspective. Is this correct, that is, I cannot read data flash either from an external programmer ?

The thread above also mentions a possibility to read flash contents using OnChip debugging. Is there any specification for the debugging protocol, so I can implement it ?

The reason for asking is that I use the RL78/G12 which has only 1.5 kByte RAM, and the FDL-lib consumes quite a lot of RAM, more than I can afford to loose in my application. So I'm investigating the possibility to read out flash contents via tool0 instead of having to implement functionality in my application to read it out via the UART.

br Håkan