Renesas Flash Programmer script execution fail

I tried to write a script for programming a RL78 board using Renesas flash Programmer script as given in Renesas Flash Programmer's User manual chapter 9. But I'm getting an Error(E1010017) : Invalid parameter.

Does any one know this, my script is 

log "d:\Flash Programmer\QB_test\log.txt"
workspace "d:\Flash Programmer\QB_test\QB_test.rws"
script d:\Flash Programmer\QB_test\QB_test\serial_rl78g13_adf7021n_collector_n2.hex

Thanks in advance.

  • Please define the hex-file by the 'programfile' command. Here is an example script:

    // define fhe log file
    log "<path-name>\RFP-ScriptingSampleQB-R5F10PMF-TB.log"

    // define the workspace (-> created during interactive RFP session)
    workspace "<path-name>\RFP-WS_QB-R5F10PMF-TB.rws"

    // define program file
    programfile RFP-ScriptingSampleQB-R5F10PMF-TB.hex

    // autoprocedure (= erase if necessary and program)

    // verify programming



  • hi

    I want to automatic sequential programing my devices with E1. I think that if there is a shell environment of E1's, I can write a script coments and program my several devices in same time as sequentaly via switching only one E1. Maybe you can say which interface is used for scripting. I think the compiled hex files that  will be downloaded to microcontroller can be downloaded with that script

    Could you refer me anyway of handling that problem?

  • What means "sequential programing my devices with E1"?

    Which devices?

    Do you have multiple devices on one pcb whcih you want to program?

    Do you have a set of pcbs with one processor each, which you want to program one by one?