RL78G13 can't debug with vcc < 3.5v

Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble while trying to debug the RL78G13 when the VCC applied to it is below 3.5V but I haven't seen anything in the documentation related to that.

Note that when I want to program the MCU using Renesas Flash Programming Tool (RFP) I can do it without any problem.

I'm using the E1 emulator with external power supply at 3.3V and e2 Studio 2021-04 (21.4.0).

The error I'm getting is:

The hardware I have is:

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  • Have you tried other debuggers (E2 or E2-Lite), IDEs (CS+ and e2studio), etc.?  Or a 3rd party debugger (Lauterbach, iSystem)?  I have seen recently some instances where the E1 doesn't work as well as the E2/E2-Lite on some customer designs, not sure if that is due to layout, PCB, timing, or what.

    Are you on Win10 platform?  32bit or 64bit?

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