RAJ240071 self-programming,RAM space is no enough


RAJ240071 self-programming,RAM space is no enough 




The project consists of boot and APP.


BOOT uses RAM space:>200 Byte

APP uses RAM space :1200 Byte(about)


The RAM space actually available to the user is total 1312 Byte(Except RAM used by FDL),BOOT+APP+stack=200+1200+stack=1400+stack>1312.


I found that the RAM is unified addressing in CS+ for CA CX. Different variables in boot and APP area can be allocated to the same address in RAM??


for example:

boot area                   app area 

char a=10;                 char b=20;


boot  address:            app address

0xFF900 <- a             0xFF900 <- b


run boot 0xFF900 is 10 , when jump to app 0xFF900 is 20?

  • When boot loader and application are not active at the same time it is no problem that both applications share the same address range in RAM.
    When you start the application you have to make sure that all memory areas used by the application are initialized.
    CA projects have a file "cstart.asm", which also includes the data section initialization routines.