RL78/12 20 pin (10368A)

I have a device which was working with 10368A 20 pin IC and it was burnt, now i got same device from my friend and i have a brand new IC.

How could i reflash the new IC taking the program from my friends device IC?

Please if it possible could you explain how could i do it?

  • Hi Hesham89,

    Have you made some progress on this? What device or board are you referring? Have you checked if the device or board provides access to the programming pins of the RL78/G12 microcontroller?

    RenesasRulz Forum Moderator


  • Hi Hesham89,

    You can reprogram device using Renesas Flash programmer which can be download from below link. This will need hex file for the program that you would like to download on the device.


    You will also need a E1/E2lite debug interface on target board and E1/E2lite debugger unit. The debugger will connect your target board to Renesas Flash programmer GUI where you can upload the hex file and send command like "Program" to program the device with the new code.

  • In reply to JB:

    Hi JB sorry for late reply.. the device is a hair shaver , which contain a board with two AAA batteries and these is no pins on the boards where i can connect it to the computer.

    the IC was burnt because i have removed the batteries to change them and after removing them i wanted to check the charging voltage across the batteries terminals and when i connected the charger the IC burnt immediately.

    Now i replaced the IC with a new one but the push button is not Turing on the machine.
  • In reply to Neelima:

    Hi Neelima,

    Thank you for the explanation but i don't have a program i need to get the program from another IC can i get it from other working IC?